Series 600 GC - Laboratory

Series 600 Laboratory GC

The Series 600 Gas Chromatograph is a Laboratory (bench mounted) instrument that fits into all laboratories with a comprehensive computer interface. It has the capacity to house two Detectors simultaneously along with a wide variety of Columns (Capillary/Packed/Micropacked) making this instrument a workhorse for any laboratory environment. It is a true combination of analytical instrumentation and computer technology and has been engineered for efficiency with a modest footprint for use in busy laboratories.

The Series 600 is designed and engineered for a chosen application and has the ability to interface with up to eight detectors, all of which are manufactured by AGC Instruments. We pride ourselves as being the only Gas Chromatograph manufacturer that produces all its own detectors.On-column injections via the packed injection ports or the split splitless injection ports coupled with the capability to use Gas Sample Valves (10 port/8 port/6 port/4 port), a fully flexible solution is awaiting you.

With Temperature Programming and on board Method storage available, interaction is via an 8 line interactive display where are key parameters are easily accessed and controlled as necessary.

Other accessories available include Liquid Autosamplers & Headspace Samplers.

A List of Detectors available includes:

* Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)
* Flame Ionisation Detector (FID)
* Discharge Ionisation Detector (DID)
* High Frequency Argon Discharge Detector (HFADD)
* Photo Ionisation Detector (PID)
* Electron Capture Detector (ECD)
* Nitrogen Phosphorous Detector (NPD)

Used in conjunction with the powerful TrendVision Chromatography Software module from AGC Instruments, a resourceful and useful tool becomes even easier to use.

For more information on our Series 600 Laboratory GC please contact us directly.