AGC Instruments Total Gas Analysis Solutions

AGC Instruments manufactures a wide range of Gas Chromatographs (Process, On-line 19" Rack and Laboratory ) and Gas Analysers (Total Hydrocarbon, Binary Mixes and Trace Nitrogen). 

The unique TrendVision PLUS Chromatography Software is the complete solution for reporting results from these Gas Chromatography Systems and can integrate outputs from third party gas analysers. 

AGC Instruments also manufactures and supplies additional equipment to provide turnkey Total Gas Analysis Solutions. The Carrier Gas Purifier, Gas Leak Detectors and Two-Stage UHP Gas Regualtors are some of the additional components that complete AGC's wide range of analytical solutions.

Furthermore, we manufacture handheld analysers for use in the food (headspace analysis) and welding gas industries (Carbon Dioxide/Argon mixtures).

AGC Instruments offers a complete design and build service of each product so that we deliver to you an analytical solution to meet your specific application. This includes the integration of complete rack cabinets to include all pipe work and electrical infrastructure to provide a turnkey installation on site. We will source and supply third party analysers to complete the Total Gas Solution if required also.

We are able to provide these Total Gas Analysis solutions for a wide range of applications with a guarantee that we stand over.