NovaCHROM 3000 GC

NovaCHROM 3000 Gas Chromatograph

The new NovaCHROM 3000 GC contains the latest GC technology based around the industry proven Flame Ionisation Detector (FID). This rugged detector design, of which AGC Instruments has extensive experience, is ideal for both cost effective and reliable gas analysis. Utilising the latest advanced technologies, this GC provides customers with the precise results they require.

The NovaCHROM 3000 GC uses the industry proven Flame Ionisation Detector (FID) for the measurement of Hydrocarbons in a various gas streams. This detector will allow measurements from % down to ultra low ppb levels with ease and with minimal training required. Using the new interactive touch screen touch screen, the NovaCHROM series is easy to use and set-up and the arrival of the new Electronic Pressure & Flow Management System has ensured all functionality is easy and accessible.

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