Modified Atmosphere Packaging / MAP Analysers

Map-Pak Modified Atmosphere Packaging Analyzer

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AGC Instruments offers a range of handheld Headspace Analysers for use in the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) or Controlled Atmosphere Packaging Industry to suit the various requirements of gas flushed products within the food packaging and food processing industry.

Whether required to measure Oxygen (O2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or a mixture of both, AGC Instruments offers a high quality headspace analyser that can be depended on to provide hassle free, accurate and consistent measurements.

The range includes the Map-Pak O2 and the Map-Pak Combi which measures both CO2, O2 and N2 levels (the latter being as a balance gas reading).

The MAP quality control offerings from AGC Instruments are perfectly suited to a wide variety of foods such as – meat, poultry, seafood, cheese, fruit, vegetables, snacks, convenience foods and many more.

Features and benefits of the Map-Pak include:
- Portable and lightweight
- Easy to use operator interface
- Bright and sharp display with backlight
- 7-8 hours operation time
- Power saver feature for even longer operation time
- Alarm feature with pass/fail indicator
- Built in database to store measurements
- High quality analyser at a cost effective price
- MP Downloader Software for the Map-Pak range is included
- An optional Thermal Printer is available for printing results on the go
- An optional Calibration Interface is available for checking gas mixtures

The Map-Pak range is the fourth generation of MAP analysers and AGC Instruments has over 50 years experience in Total Gas Analysis Solutions hence quality and reliability is assured.

All Map-Pak units feature additional functionality and new components such as:

• Sample Volume Options (High-50ml, Medium-30ml, Low-6ml) to suit all packaging
• Response Time of the CO2 sensor (High, Medium and Low)
• New O2 and CO2 Sensors
• New Sample Inlet Connection
• New Firmware and Software
• New Strong Needles

The sampling time has been reduced and operability has been enhanced as a result of these upgrades.

For more information on our MAP Analysers please contact us directly.

AGC Instruments is currently seeking new distributors for the Map-Pak range. Please contact us for further information on how to become a distributor.

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