AGC Series 5X00-PZ

AGC ATEX Units for Zone 1 Zone 2

The Series 5X00-PZ analyser is for use in hazardous Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas. Housed in a purged enclosure under the control of Gönnheimer Purge Controllers, the ATEX units have ‘Ex-Protection Bypass’ controls. The enclosures contain a custom-designed tray which slides out for easy access to the AGC Series 50 Analyser inside.

The AGC Series 50 model contains a temperature regulated TCD which allows continuous monitoring of N2, H2, He, CO2, Ar or other gases in Binary gas mixtures or pure gases. It monitors impurities in a major gas, based on the difference of thermal conductivities.

There are three versions, all of which are available in the new purged Zone 1/Zone 2 enclosures:

1. Series 5300: % Analyser
2. Series 5400: 500 ppm to low % Analyser
3. Series 5500: 2–500 ppm Analyser

The interactive touch screen display shows all status, alarm conditions, diagnostics and direct reading of results. Using high quality flow detection devices with Alarms, the gas flows are measured and displayed on the LCD display. Furthermore, the use of solenoid valves has eliminated drift as a constant reference to Zero Gas is utilised for greater accuracy. Excellent stability is also guaranteed through the use of Temperature Control of the measuring sensor.