AGC NovaAIR GC System

AGC NovaAIR GC - Self-Contained Complete GC System for Precise Gas Analysis

AGC NovaPRO Process Gas Chromatograph

The New NovaPRO Process GC - Analysis of Gas Streams in Zone 1 / Zone 2 Areas

AGC NovaCHROM GC Systems

AGC NovaCHROM GC Systems - Industry proven systems for the quality control of gases

Map-Pak Food Packaging Gas Analyser

Map-Pak Food Gas Analyser - Modified Atmosphere Packaging / MAP Analysers

AGC Series 23 Total Hydrocarbon Gas Analyser

AGC Series 23 Total Hydrocarbon Gas Analyser - Total Hydrocarbons in a Gas Stream

Global Support - Our global network delivers customised solutions to customers worldwide

About AGC Instruments

AGC Instruments is a leading European manufacturer of Gas Chromatograph & Gas Analyser solutions for use in a wide range of Industrial and Laboratory based environments.

AGC Instruments is a recognised expert in the development and provision of leading-edge Total Gas Analysis solutions. Through our Global network, we will provide you with the best analytical solution and will also guarantee that our solution will work with excellent results and performance.

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AGC Instruments manufactures a range of analytical products, which include  :
Gas Chromatographs
Process Gas Chromatographs
Total Hydrocarbon Gas Analysers
Binary Stream Gas Analysers
Trace N2 Gas Analysers
Food Gas Analysers
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AGC Instruments provide the complete analytical solutions to analyse impurities in many Matrix Gases.
With a wide range of successful installations world wide, we can design a system that will meet your exact needs and guarantee top class performance.
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Your Local Distributor

To deliver the best possible service to you, we offer a global network of Distributors, who provide complete technical support and advice at a local level in your region.

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Latest News

Thursday, 24 May 2018 - 10:01am

AGC Instruments has launched its GDPR policy in keeping with the forthcoming legislative deadline.

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